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High performance, structural security, easy integration, outstanding interface.


Responsive, intuitive trading dashboard.
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Integrate with The Ocean X for more profitable token trading

Tired of high trading fees on traditional blockchain exchanges? Pay lower fees to trade ERC20 tokens on The Ocean X. We create new possibilities for automated trading strategies.

Integrate 0x and The Ocean X into your company, project, or organization

Do you need on demand liquidity for token exchange or conversion? The Ocean X is here for you. We even offer free integration consulting and support for select projects. We can save you time and give you the liquidity you need.

Our Mission

Our mission is to build the world’s largest, deepest, and best supported token liquidity pool. Our depth and reach helps you get the best prices on tokens with extremely low fees.

Our Fees

Our goal is to have dramatically lower fees than traditional exchanges. Decentralization makes it possible.

Our Team

The Ocean X was founded by an American team of developers, angel investors, and crypto investors. We are building something that we need and we think a lot of other folks need too.  Our team >

How to follow the project

Are you looking for a liquidity pool? Want to integrate with our API? Looking for consulting or coding to integrate your project with our service?